Elite Music & Fine Arts is proud to be the best in elementary fine arts education. 

Our after school conservatory consist of: Art, Musical Theatre, Violin, Guitar, Piano, Dance, and Chamber Music. Our full time after school students are actively engaged in fine arts extracurricular activities three to five days a week. Providing classes that take place after homework is completed, ensures that our students are kept actively engaged, and their progress is closley monitored. 


Year round daily training, in a structured school setting, allows our students to truly learn concepts in their own time. Our students participate in small fine arts classes, have private lessons, as well as perform in end of year recitals. Our instructors create syllabus tailored to their classes specific goals. All conservatory classes are included in the tuition of the Elite Music & Fine Arts After School Program.


All Conservatory students must sign a parent / student contract for participation. All Conservatory students must maintain at least B+ average and a satisfactory conduct grade to participate and remain active in the Conservatory. 

Grades: K - 1st • 2nd - 4th

Students enrolled in the beginning violin program will be taught to play the violin, as well as, being exposed to other string instruments such as the viola and cello. Students will begin their musical journey by learning about the different parts of the violin. Students will and learn and examine the purposes for the design of the violin. Beginning Violin curriculum includes: basic music theory, proper instrument technique, and performance ettiquete. Students will be encouraged to teach their parents, siblings, and friends about the violin. A end of year performance is encouraged but not mandatory. 

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